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>> Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Good morning ( It's still just morning)!!!

I'm back with the latest challenge ... This month we would love to see you using your Copics in some OFF the Page creations... we want to see something other than cards or scrapbook layouts... This can still be a paper project or it could even be your chance to try colouring on something other than paper???

Here is a little inspiration to get you thinking... My friends and I decided to decorate our own shoes ... so we picked up some plain white canvas shoes from Kmart and ... with a multiliner ( a sharpie works too) we drew on our patterns....

Here is the final result of them all coloured up....

Colouring on canvas soaks up the ink and thus uses your ink much more quickly than colouring on paper does!! It may also bleed so watch out for those lines .. Maybe you don't even need to colour all the way to the line :)

We did a similar challenge way back in June 2010... so for more inspiration you can check out the original Mad for Markers blog ... Here are some points to remember... a couple of tips and bits of advice on what not to colour with your Copics...
this is adapted from the Copic Certification Student manual (adapted from

Things that will hurt your markers...
* White out or opaque white - do not colour over white out even if dry as it will transfer some white to your marker tip which will then leave white marks in the middle of your colouring.

* Un-fired clay - will discolour your tip as bits of the clay clog the tips fibres.
Ceramic paint-it-yourself ornaments are fine, sculpey that is baked or glazed ceramics are ok.

* Acrylic paints - you might get away with some quick work (not recommended) but if you colour over most acrylics they will clog your tip. Best to use paint over the top of markers OR seal the paint first with a waterbased varnish.

* Chalks, oils, pastels - use after you do your Copic work.

*untested inks or pens

* Solvents or oils

RULE of THUMB .. if something smears when it gets wet and is opaque, STAY away or test it first. If you must colour over it - use your airbrush!!


Blankina June 5, 2012 at 5:05 PM  

Great shoes ladies...Thanks for the inspiration..
Ciao Blankina

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